“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” —Henry David Thoreau

Since the day I could sit up on my own, I’ve loved reading. And from the moment my fingers could grasp a pencil, I’ve loved writing. But I’ve never fallen so madly in love with writing as when I started my freshman year as a communications/print journalism major at California State University, Fullerton.

It began with THTR 364: Seminar in Playwriting. Until then, it had been nearly a decade since I wrote creatively for pleasure, but I knew if I wanted my writing to excel, I had to suck it up and get used to getting some feedback from my peers. I wrote and produced a successful 10-minute play called “It Takes Two” that very semester.

COMM 435: Opinion Writing emphasized where my real strengths lie. As a journalist, I can write decent news stories and report objectively. But once a creative writer, always a creative writer; my writing sounded much better when I could throw a little bit of my own voice into my papers. And I’m sure most people can tell you that my voice has a ridiculous amount of sass twisted around my colorful choice of words.

My biggest boost of self-confidence came from my COMM 201: Reporting for Mass Media (I) professor, Marc Ballon. Highly impressed with my writing ability, he pulled me off to the side before class started one evening. He told me that print journalism is exponentially becoming a tougher field to become successful in, but as long as I had the determination to hold my head high and stick to whatever goals I had set for myself, my talent would fully back me up, and he was excited to see where my skills would take me in the future.

That semester, I put in an application to be the assistant opinion page editor for the school newspaper, The Daily Titan. After what I felt was the most stressful interview of my life, I got the position and served my opinion editor, Gabrielle Abutom, well. Also impressed with my quality of writing, she gave me my own sex column in the paper— “Frisk Me.” Here, I could write to my heart’s content on my opinions regarding philosophies of love, romance, dating, relationships, and yes, SEX.

To this day, I am The Daily Titan‘s opinion editor. And I still have the same column and the same drive to find not only success, but happiness in the one thing that brings me the most joy out of life: writing.


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